Earl Kelly

Earl Kelly

Earl is ten months Marley’s junior and joins the school in year eleven. Whilst they share the same father there are significant differences between the two of them – whereas Marley is just a damaged kid from a chaotic background, Earl is a borderline psychopath. He’s quieter than Marley, but commands respect amongst his peers, most of whom fear him. He even convinces his younger brother Denzil to cover for him when he brings a gun to school. His blatant sexuality wins him many admirers – and he has girlfriend Maxine Barlow wrapped around his little finger.
When Maxine finally saw Earl for what he was she dumped him. Earl was unable to cope and turned up at her house with a loaded gun. In the struggle that followed, he shot her dead. Earl was last seen sobbing by the side of the road as the police arrived to arrest him.

Parents: Rose Kelly

Siblings: Denzil Kelly, Marley Kelly, Prince Kelly, Sambuca Kelly

Romances: Jade, Maxine Barlow

Children: fathered Jade’s baby

Headteachers: Rachel Mason